About Me

I’ve been working in the film industry for 10 years in and around southern Arizona in various roles. Recently I finished producing my first feature ‘Eddie Mummy: A Love Story’ which will be available for digital download in 2018.

I enjoy character-driven stories, both telling and experiencing them. Especially if they are over the top and are extremely dry. Some of my favorite movies include Reno Williams: The Adventure Begins, Blind Fury, and Over the Top. Interesting characters are what draws me to filmmaking.

I am currently writing my next feature and producing some shorts for the web. My greatest weakness would have to be cookies.

Fear is just a feeling. You feel hot. You feel hungry. You feel angry. You feel afraid.

Fear can never kill you.

– Chiun

I have won a boatload of awards for my work, and I’m grateful for every single one of them, but I’ve always been unsure of whether I earned them or whether the jury was rigged.  By now I am literally addicted to making films and taking photos…for which there is no known cure, except to make more.